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Wrecks and Reefs is the itinerary for any diver wanting to see the best of the Northern Red Sea. Reaching out from the shores of Sharm el Sheikh and venturing almost as far as Hurghada’s coastline, the Wrecks and Reefs itinerary gets to some of the most iconic dive sites Egypt has to offer, as well a few of lesser known beauties.

After the check dive, this tour starts in style. Tiran and Ras Mohammed are rightly two of the best known areas for diving in the Northern Red Sea. Be it on Jackson, Woodhouse, Thomas or Gordon, diving in Tiran stands out for its lush coral gardens, sweeping drift dives and large gorgonian formations. The deep walls of Tiran mirror the startling drop offs of Ras Mohammed. This is where the Sinai stops and the adventure begins. Cruising past Shark and Yolanda, Wrecks and Reefs takes in the Alternatives, Small Crack and Bluff Point before moving onto the wrecks. The Northern Red Sea is a wreck diver’s delight. The almighty Thistlegorm is the setting for unforgettable diving, day or night. The Kingston, Dunraven, Abu Nuhas and Rosalie Moller only add to the excitement.

Be it on wreck or reef, the Northern Red Sea is teaming with the unique ecology that makes the region truly world class. The gentle sloping coral gardens play host to hundreds and thousands of candy colored fish. 19th and 20th century wrecks have, over the course of time, formed artificial reefs. Surgeon fish dart through port holes while glass fish swarm idly by. Macro life is abundant and cleaning stations pulse with the day’s traffic. Blue spotted sting rays, eagle rays and manta abound and the summer months see large pelagic sharks gather on the drop off. Hammerheads, Black Tips, leopard and even tiger sharks all visit the region.

Wrecks and Reefs is the ideal itinerary whatever your experience level. A popular route for those new to the Red Sea, the varied depths across dive sites suit all abilities – from novice to pro. Visibility is crystal clear and the warm blue waters are perfect for even the longest dive times. Currents push nutrients rich water from north to south, giving you plenty of opportunity for exhilarating drift dives. Travel times between dive sites are short leaving more time for relaxing.

The underwater scenery is ever changing and guaranteed to leave you breathless. Few other dive destinations can offer the same quality and quantity of top dive sites. Above the water line, islands dot a glassy blue horizon. This itinerary will fill your log book with both wrecks and reefs that are envied the world over.


Our group will also be exploring the sites of Ancient Egypt while on this adventure with planned tours in Cairo, Luxor, and more.

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