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Another way to keep up your skills and enjoyment of diving is to join A Diver’s World at the lakes for our FUN DIVES and adventures!

Whether you bring your buddies or come along to meet new divers. Buddy up with our group of adventure seekers and have a great time making your diving more fun and effortless. Learn from our experienced pros and our fellow divers as we all watch out for each other to ensure that everyone has a good time and feel part of the special group of people who are there to enjoy more out of diving.

Need help setting up camp, want to join us at the breakfast buffet, play some bocce ball, go for a bike ride, or join in for a barbeque? How about bringing your non-diver friends and family along? Of course! Since dives average about 40min, why not have a weekend or day together with your friends and loved ones that everyone enjoys .

A Diver’s World is excited to have you along for some really fun dives this summer. Gather up your SCUBA gear, get those tanks filled, pack up the vehicle and come out to play with us. Be sure to stop by A Diver’s World for any equipment needs, rental arrangements in advance so you are ready to go.

Don’t forget your dive flag, it's the law.

Call us to let us know you will be joining us.

Perch Lake, WI
Map of [454-465] Perch Lake Rd Hudson, WI by MapQuest

Square Lake, MN
Map of Golden Acres, 15150 Square Lake Trl N Stillwater, MN by MapQuest

Gilbert/Biwabik Area
Map of Biwabik, MN by MapQuest

Wazee Lake Area, Black River Falls WI
Map of Black River Falls, WI by MapQuest

Crosby/Ironton Mines
Map of Crosby, MN by MapQuest

Apostle Islands, South Shore Superior, Bayfield WI
Map of Bayfield, WI by MapQuest

Two Harbors/Split Rock Lighthouse, North Shore Lake Superior, MN
Map of Two Harbors, MN by MapQuest

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